Falcon S reflex sight

The range and variety of optics has successively increased in recent years and shooters can choose from a variety of models and manufacturers.

We have chosen a very specific model for this article and have taken a closer look at it – it is the “Falke S” reflex sight, from the German manufacturer Falke.

The high-quality optics are located in the corresponding price segment, and its features are clearly aimed at professional users or shooters with high demands.

Packaging and contents:

The optics, including extensive accessories, are housed in a chic plastic case – protected by beautifully cut foam.

By default, the reflex sight is already screwed onto the quick mount and the (transparent) protective caps are also already on it.

In addition, the scope of delivery also includes:

  • Low mount with 3mm thickness
  • Spacer with 3 mm thickness
  • screw-in killflash
  • Torx Allen key
  • CR 2032 battery
  • Plastic washer for battery cover
  • Long screws
  • Instruction manual
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth

You will find the instruction manual and the cleaning cloth in the lid of the case, under the foam.

Technical details:

With its 180 grams (incl. quick mounting), the FALKE S is already quite a lightweight. It owes this to its 6061 aluminum case on the one hand and the relatively small diameter of 20mm on the other. Despite this small weight and dimensions, however, it offers some very strong features:

The moving parts of the quick assembly are made of steel and will not break even if not handled properly. The clamping lever also has a safety device that makes it virtually impossible to open it accidentally.
Both adjustment towers are protected and fitted with caps which also serve as adjustment tools. The clicks are very precise and you can perceive the adjustment both physically and acoustically. The dot can be adjusted by 40 MOA in any direction, which logically results in an adjustment range of 80 MOA.

The battery compartment, located on the right side, is best opened with the included plastic disk (or “coin”) and supplies power to the reflex sight via a CR 2032 battery.
CR 2032 is a common standard for riflescopes and thus not only easy to find, but also interchangeable with other equipment.

The dial offers five brightness levels for night and six levels for day. You can’t overwind it past zero, it doesn’t have any “off” steps between the different stages, and it’s pretty hard to turn to boot.

But there is a very good reason for all this: the electronics of the FALKE S work so efficiently that the 2 MOA small dot can be operated for up to 200,000 hours (at level D3) on one battery charge – that’s a good 22 years. Of course, it doesn’t pay to switch it off, but to be on the safe side, just change the battery every few years. And once you have set the brightness, you usually don’t fiddle with it anymore – it’s rather better if it can’t be adjusted so easily by mistake by reaching the adjustment wheel.

The FALKE S is – as for products in this price range – of course nitrogen-filled and thus not only fog-free, but also waterproof up to one hour, at a depth of 10 meters.
From the small inner diameter of the optics, results a field of view of 15 meters at a distance of 100 meters. However, since optics with single magnification are shot with both eyes open anyway, this specification is rather secondary.

In any case, the high-quality coated lenses offer a razor-sharp image with almost no blue cast, and without any color distortion.


If the features of the Falcon S are still not enough for you, there is one last, cleverly chosen feature:

The borehole pattern (or colloquially called “footprint”) is the same as that of the Aimpoint Micro – probably one of the best known and most widely used micro red dot for professional users. So if the included mounting options of the FALKE S don’t satisfy you completely, you’ll find a huge selection of matching accessories.

No matter what height, no matter whether straight or offset mounting, no matter what weapon – on the accessories market you can find the right thing for every desire. You can either help yourself to classic German brands or if you like it a bit fancier and more unusual, you can reach for T.REX Arms, Arisaka Defense or Unity Tacical and design your weapon like your favorite Instagram operator.


For an MSRP of € 379, – the FALKE S delivers a really good performance and through the footprint of the Aimpoint Micro, you have almost endless possibilities to mount it on the desired weapon.


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