IOR Recon 4-28×50 IL

Connoisseurs of optical sighting devices will certainly be familiar with the company IOR – but “ordinary” end users of optics probably less so.
Based in the Romanian capital of Bucharest, the company was founded in 1936 and boasts an immense portfolio of products.

For the civil sector, not only all kinds of lenses are manufactured, but also complex optical measuring instruments.
And the military range extends from red dot sights and telescopic sights to night vision technology, optical sights for mortars and artillery, and angle mirrors for armored vehicles. So to say that the IOR company has experience in the field of manufacturing sophisticated optical sights would probably be an understatement in this case.

For this article, we took a closer look at the Recon 4-28 x 50 IL (Mil / Mil) riflescope from IOR

IOR 4-28 Daten

Numbers and data

The technology of this 7x zoom optic has some very interesting features – let’s go through the numbers and data first:

With a magnification range of 4 to 28 and an objective lens diameter of 50 mm, this riflescope is ideal for tactical or long range use. The field of view at 100 meters offers 9.8 and 1.43 meters, respectively, which is quite a bit more than the relatively typical values that one would expect for this range of magnification.

The main reason for this is undoubtedly the massive center tube diameter of 40 millimeters – which not only provides a larger field of view, but also lets a lot more light through.

Furthermore, it features a huge elevation adjustment range of 120 MOA or approx. 35 mrad, which means that either less pre-tilt is required for long range shots or it can even be dispensed with entirely. The parallax can be set between 8 meters and infinity. Despite all these values, the scope has a length of only 367 millimeters and a weight of 1120 grams.

Operation, haptics, extras

If necessary, you can adjust the eyepiece to your own eyesight so that you can see the reticle clearly. Here you can compensate up to 3 dioptres. A little bit in front of it is the magnification control. This has both grooves – to prevent slipping – and a small hump, for optimal operation.

This version of the scope is equipped with the SHX reticle and it is located on the first image plane. The crosshairs have markings of up to 10 mrad in all four directions. There is an illuminated dot in the center – the rest of the reticle is not illuminated.

All adjustments to the reticle are made via the turrets. The turret at the 9 o’clock position controls the illumination of the reticle, in 11 different stages, and has no dedicated “off” position between each stage.

The right tower is used to control the lateral setting and the upper tower logically controls the height setting. The marking on both towers is absolutely cleanly processed and the clicks also have a pleasant resistance, engage precisely perceptible and audible, and have exactly zero play. Both adjustment towers also have markings to indicate which adjustment level you are on.

The turrets are not lockable and to “zero” them, you simply loosen a few grub screws, make the appropriate adjustments, and then retighten the screws. As a bonus, the height tower also features an adjustment ring for a secondary zero setting. This can be used, for example, to mark a preferred distance and then change it quickly and easily.

The settings for the parallax are made at the front, on the lens. This design means that none of the towers is occupied by two different functions, and the size dimensions in width are also somewhat smaller.

Quality and processing

The high-quality lenses come from the German manufacturer “Schott” and are multi-coated. In conjunction with the exceptional center tube diameter of 40 millimeters, you get not only a fabulous light transmission of 90% but also an excellent field of view. Of course, the riflescope is nitrogen-filled and therefore bechlagsfrei and waterproof.

Scope of delivery

The ZF is delivered with a sunshade that can be screwed into the lens, rubber caps connected with bands to protect the lenses, a CR 2032 battery, a cleaning cloth and the user manual.


To mount the scope on a rifle you need mounting rings with the appropriate diameter, but also the appropriate quality.

Our recommendation in this case are the Adversus 40mm mounting rings from Audere.

The high quality rings are made of 7075-T651 aluminum, are hard coated and in one of the rings is a bubble level integrated. Each ring also features Audere’s patented “ScopeLink” interface at the 9, 12 and 3 o’clock positions. Picatinny rails can be attached to these, to which you can in turn mount other accessories – such as red dot sights, rangefinders or similar.

These and other mounting rings can also be found in our store.

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