Alpha Precision Alpha Grip-AK47 7,62×39


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Alpha Precision Alpha Grip-AK47 7,62×39

AlphaGrip – The Original – The AlphaGrip gives the shooter optimal access to his AK magazines.
The honeycomb outer skin creates a reliable frictional connection between shooter and magazine.
The AlphaGrip fits all commercially available 7.62×39 PMAGs of the second generation.
Assembly is extremely easy:
Remove the existing magazine base and replaced it with the AlphaGrip.
Let the magazine base snap on to the AlphaGrip.
No tools required!
The AlphaGrip does NOT change the magazine load capacity
Openings on the sides clearly show that it is a hollow body and that the loading capacity of the magazine remains unchanged
Manufactured in Germany using injection molding from highly stable glass fiber reinforced plastic as commonly used in the manufacture of modern guns / magazines. This guarantees a robust product with maximum reliability.
Makes access to the magazines in shooting sports much easier.
Scope of delivery:
1x AlphaGrip WITHOUT a magazine!

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