Falcon CS reflex sight 4 fold


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Falcon CS reflex sight 4 fold

The Falke CS is a compact reflex sight for the highest demands.
The reflex sight has a 4x magnification.
The reticle illumination can be regulated in 10 steps.
The Falke CS can be mounted on any Weaver or Picatinny rail with the integrated
Quick release mounting can be mounted.
The led lens has a high quality coating and is flush with the housing.
The case is completely made of aluminum and coated in black.
On the top, the Falke CS has an additional Picatinny rail.
The illumination of the reticle has an automatic shut-off.

Lens diameter: 20mm
Length: 100,5mm
Height: 67mm
Weight: 311g
Battery: AAA
Battery life: 4600h
Click adjustment: 0.3mrad

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