ATN Thermal Imaging Scope Mars4 1,5-5×19


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ATN Thermal Imaging Scope Mars4 1,5-5×19

Thermal imaging scope Mars4 from ATN with a 60Hz Obsidian IV sensor and a resolution of 384×288.
The Mars4 has 3 display modes. Black-Hot, White-Hot and Color Mode.
The LED display has a resolution of 1280×720.
The interpupillary distance is 90mm.
The 1.5-5x magnification is set via a rotary wheel on the left of the Mars4.
All other functions are controlled via rubberized buttons on the top of the case.
The video resolution is 1280×960 at 60fps.
Warm objects are displayed either white, black or in a shade of color.
On the internal Micro SD memory card you can record videos up to 64GB with 60fps.
With the dual stream function, you can simultaneously save videos to the SD card and
streamed at 720p to a device such as a smartphone or tablet.
This is done with a WIFI connection.
The built-in microphone also records the sound.
For communication with attachments, such as an ATN laser range finder, the Mars4
via a Bluetooth interface.
Video recording can also be activated by the recoil of the shot.
This allows them to fully concentrate on firing.
The Mars4 can be shot in with 2 shots.
The digital reticle is simply adjusted by the deviation.
An integrated ballistic calculator enables the storage of several profiles with their data.
Factors such as caliber, ballistic coefficient, cross-sectional load, bullet weight,
Muzzle velocity, spot shot distance, barrel axis to optical axis distance, shot angle,
Humidity, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, air pressure and altitude used for the calculation.
In addition to the ballistic calculator, the ATN Mars4 also features a digital compass, protractor and
a rangefinder.
Air pressure, altitude and temperature are measured by integrated sensors.
An accelerometer is also installed in the Mars4.
There is also an optional laser rangefinder that is simply mounted on the lens.
The smart Mil Dot style reticle can be individually programmed.
So they can choose the distance between the tally marks themselves.
The reticle itself can also be changed in shape and color.
The Mars4 is powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery pack that is connected to the
The device can be charged with the included charger with USB-C port.
The battery life is up to 18 hours.
The operating temperature for the Mars4 is between minus 20 and plus 48 degrees Celsius.
The dimensions are 332x76x76 mm.
The detection of persons is possible up to a distance of 750m.
The detection of persons is possible up to 335m.
Identification is possible at 205 meters.
The center tube diameter of the Mars4 is 30mm and mounting rings for a Picatinny rail are included.
The assembly also includes a cranked ring.
However, all other 30mm mounting can be used.
The scope of delivery also includes a protective cover, an eyecup and a cleaning cloth.
ATN provides a 3-year warranty for the Mars4 series.

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