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GunCer High Performance Special Gun Grease

GunCer gun grease offers with

Addition of a special ceramic additive

and wide temperature application range

(-50°C to +150°C) highest wear-

and corrosion protection of the treated


For the lubrication of all sliding couples,

like closure guide rails,

Trigger rollers, detents, locking warts,

Hinge bolts as well as assembly aid of

Screw and pin connections.

Also ideal as an alternating choke assembly paste.

It is neutral to plastic, varnish,

Wood and bluing.

The white, odorless special grease

is resin- and acid-free, does not contain any

PTFE and silicone.

Due to the ceramic additive

Emergency running properties guaranteed.

Very good adhesion without sticking

or to resinify!

Note: GunCer is not only available as a

gun grease, but also as gun oil with ceramic additives.


All components before applying the grease

clean thoroughly.

For this purpose you can best use

Robla Kaltentfetter.

On the clean components Guncer

Weapon grease applied sparingly.

For dispensing use the dispensing tip

or a small brush.

The applied grease absorbs

little by little the oil contained

and thus provides a long-lasting

Lubrication safe.

The included ceramic increases and

prolongs the lubricating property.

With interchangeable chokes, GunCer prevents

Weapon grease the tightening of the thread

to choke and shotgun.

Soot particles can no longer be

penetrate the thread and the choke

can be unscrewed without any problems.


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