Ballistol GUNCER oil 65ml


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GunCer – Weapon Tuning with Ceramic Additive

For precision shooters, hunters and law enforcement, long or short guns.

Ceramic additives ensure functional performance and shot accuracy.

Reduces the wear of the weapon.

Smooths roughness peaks (under load, roughness peaks are

of the friction points by flow smoothing with minimal

loss of substance plastically deformed, friction is reduced).

Reduces power losses when reloading self-loading pistols

and rifles (even with weak ammunition),

this results in less disruption.

Excellent corrosion protection, prevents fretting corrosion.

Temperature application range from -40°C to +210°C.

Ceramic additive even ensures lubrication up to +1000°C.

Water resistant & does not resinify.

Without additives of silicone and PTFE.

GunCer is resin-free and does not resinify.



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