Ballistol Gunex gun oil 500ml


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Gunex gun oil

For industry, craft and household.

  • Maintains and protects metals of all types from corrosion for a long time
  • Displaces water from metal surfaces
  • Creeps into the finest cracks
  • Cleans dirty mechanics
  • Keeps moving parts lubricated
  • Does not stick and gum up
  • Extremely temperature resistant
  • Originally developed for the US Army

Gunex is free of silicone, PTFE, acid and resin and does not resinify.

the super all-purpose oil with the six stars

– Maintains and protects metals from rust
– Displaces water
– Creeps into the finest cracks
– Cleans dirty mechanics
– Lubricates and keeps sliding active
– Does not stick and gum up

Applicable from -50 to 100°C. Silicone-free,

does not contain environmentally harmful chlorinated hydrocarbons,

No ozone hazard.

Industry, craft and agriculture:

For the protection, care and maintenance of machines

and devices, precision tools and measuring instruments,

Molding and punching in all climates,

even in the tropics!

Ideal for temporary storage or transport of

Semi-finished and finished parts of steel and iron under roof

or outdoors.

With Gunex everything stays protected from rust for a long time even in wet weather!

Hunting, shooting sports, fishing: Removes powder and

Tombac residues, holds all the mechanics in rifles,

Pistols and revolvers sliding active, maintains and protects.

Resins of unsuitable oils are dissolved.

Also for the care of fishing rods, telescopic extensions and reels.

Household and garden:

Gunex maintains, protects and keeps everything in good shape,

what could squeak, creak or lock.

Whether door locks, hinges, bicycles and motorcycles -.

everything works like lubricated, is protected

and maintained.

For the maintenance and preservation of garden equipment and tools.

Motor vehicle sector:

For squeaking, creaking or jamming joints.

Prevents freezing of door locks, dissolves resinous

Dirt and tar from the paint, protects metal and

Chrome parts from corrosion for a long time.

Keeps contacts clean at battery, ignition distributor and ignition coil,

Moisture is displaced, leakage currents are prevented.

Also proven Gunex as chain oil for motorcycles.

Ships and boats:

Protects and maintains rollers, winches, moving parts, bare metal,

Bolted connections and cables even in saline

Air and splash water.

Ideal for winterizing the entire ship.



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