Ballistol Robla Solo Mil 1 liter


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The proven barrel cleaner for all weapons

Automatically dissolves tombac, copper, zinc

and lead smears in the barrel.

Neutral against steel, nickel and chrome

Improves shooting precision when

bullet smears were the cause.

Supports the removal of MoS2 films

from coating residues.

Proven even in tough military use

and unsurpassed!

The better is the enemy of the good!

That is why Robla Solo was further developed

and replaced by Robla Solo MIL.

Due to the excellent test results

of the Wehrwissenschaftliches Institut der

Armed Forces will Robla Solo MIL now

even used in special forces.

Robla Solo MIL consists of a special

Combination with ammonia.

Through these not only smear

dissolved from copper, tombac and zinc, but

also lead, the No. 1 enemy for precision

of the weapon. Steel, chrome and nickel

are replaced by Robla Solo MIL

not attacked.


For metal deposits Robla Solo MIL

in the container fitted with a cork or rubber stopper

(available e.g. in pharmacies or

Household goods stores) one-sided sealed

Enter run and several hours, at

extreme smearing best overnight,

let it take effect.

Always fill the barrel to the brim.

In the case of less smearing, it is sufficient to apply several

Pull through Robla Solo MIL impregnated tow,

like Sucol / Sucolin from BALLISTOL-KLEVER,

or VFG felt plugs.

Never leave the barrel lying for a long time,

when he is only with Robla Solo MIL

is moistened.

Contained ammonia will otherwise evaporate,

the remaining water in connection

with organic salts can then cause

for pitting corrosion.

The completely filled with Robla Solo MIL

Run can safely overnight

be stored.

Green to blue color shows dissolved copper

and tombac on, lead and zinc go

colorless in solution.

Then dry the barrel several times

through and cover with BALLISTOL or

Spray Gunex.

After dry soaking must be

the barrel must be oiled,

otherwise pitting corrosion in the inner surface of the barrel

can arise.


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