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GRS Bifrost Polymer Shaft

The main body of the GRS Bifrost is made of composite material reinforced with fiberglass.
The rubberized surfaces on the pistol grip and fore-end allow full control
during handling.
The SpeedLock 2.0 system features LOP and cheek pad adjustment, as with the
original SpeedLock system, but also still has a height and inclination adjustable
adjustable butt plate.
This allows a perfect adaptation of the weapon to the shooter.
The Speedlock 2.0 system resists recoil from even the heaviest calibers.
Mounting points for Picatinny rails are on the bottom and on both sides of the forearm
as well as at the bottom of the hind shaft are present.
A Picatinny rail is already mounted on the buttstock at 6 o’clock.
This allows easy mounting of lamps, lasers, bipods and other attachments.
Two plastic Picatinny rails are included in the delivery.
Additional rails can be purchased separately in sets of 2.
The forearm has mounting points at the 3 and 9 o’clock position for fast
removable sling swivels.
The buttstock also has a center mount for quick-release sling swivels.

Weight: 1.35kg
LOP: 35 – 38 cm
Material: 30 – 65 % fiberglass reinforcedcomposite material
Inclination of the butt plate in 5 degree steps
Left and right version available
Recommended torque 5.2nm
Width forearm: 57mm


Anschütz, Bergara, Blaser, Browning, CG/Husqvarna, Howa, Mauser, Remington, Ruger, Savage, Tikka, Weatherby, Zoli


10/12 SA DM FCP AI mag, 10/12 SA DM side bolt release, 10/22, 110/112 LA DM side bolt release, 110/112 LA DM side bolt release FCP AI mag, 116 LA DM bottom bolt release, 1500 SA, 16 SA DM bottom bolt release, 1782, 1900, B14 LA, B14 LA HMR, B14 SA, B14 SA HMR, CTR, CTR LH, M67/98 Large Ring, R8 Professional, Remington 700 BDL LA, Remington 700 BDL SA, T1X, T1X LH, T3/T3X, T3/T3X LH, X-Bolt SA

Bifrost Farbe

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