Gunworks Mite556 1/2-28 Unef


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The THUMB -MITE556 –

is the shortest muzzle brake available for 5.56 x 45mm Nato or .223 Remington caliber weapons.

An impact chamber matched to the caliber ensures a significant reduction in recoil.

Two flow openings located in the chamber roof reduce both the upstroke and the migration of the gun.

This muzzle brake is predestined for weapons where compact dimensions and an effective discharge of the combustion gases must be realized.


When minimum dimensions are to be combined with effective recoil damping and reduction of high impact.


  • Material: Steel ETG 100
  • Surface: hardened, trowalized, glass bead blasted and PVD coated
  • All products are clearly marked by laser inscription (manufacturer, model, muzzle thread and batch identifier).
  • All models are prepared for mounting a flicker tape holder
  • All THUMB series flash hiders and compensators are aligned using a supplied ring and a mark positioned at 12 o’clock. This can be done with a 19 mm or with a 3/4 inch open-end wrench
  • All products of the company GUNWORKS are 100% produced in Germany

Muzzle thread: 1/2-28 Unef



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