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The THUMB TwistFORKsd M17x1

is a muzzle brake for weapons of caliber 5.56 x 45 mm Nato or .223 Remington.

An impact chamber matched to the caliber ensures a significant reduction in recoil.

Two flow openings located in the chamber roof reduce both the upstroke and the migration of the gun.

Four TwistFORKS® ensure effective dissipation of the combustion gases that precede and follow the bullet.

Application: If you often shoot from a sandbag or bipod, the TwistFORK556 is the perfect combination of recoil reduction and

Increase the precision potential of your weapon!

Specifications: Material: ETG 100 steel Surface: hardened, trowalized, glass bead blasted and PVD coated.

All products are clearly identified by laser marking (manufacturer, model, muzzle thread and batch identifier).

All models are prepared for mounting a flicker tape holder.

All THUMB series flash hiders and compensators are aligned using a supplied ring and a mark positioned at 12 o’clock.

This can be done with a 19 mm or with a 3/4 inch open-end wrench.

All products of the company GUNWORKS are 100% produced in Germany.



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