Roedale Mündungsbremse M18x1 Kaliber .30


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Roedale Mündungsbremse M18x1

The Roedale muzzle brake is one of the best recoil reducers on the market and was further developed in cooperation with the Laboratory for Fluid Mechanics and Flow Machines at the HS Osnabrück in the form of an elaborate diploma thesis.

For Tikka T3 Tactical, Sako TRG, Blaser LRS and many other weapons with M18x1 muzzle thread.

Thread: M18x1
Material: Quenched and tempered steel
Standard finish: phosphated
Length: 65 mm
Width: 35.90 mm
Depth: 25.80 mm
Weight: approx. 190 g

With this brake, the “jumping” of the gun can really be brought under control and the recoil is significantly reduced.
The M18x1 thread is a standard thread for muzzle brakes and silencers at some gun manufacturers.
M18x1 is suitable for the Blaser Semiweight barrel and many others.

The muzzle brake is screwed onto the muzzle thread, aligned and clamped in the appropriate position with two screws.
There is an M3 screw on the top for attaching a flicker tape.

Finish: Standard finish is burnished matte black

Additionally, you have the option to have your muzzle brake designed with the following finish (at an additional cost and + approximately two weeks additional delivery time):

– Cerakote armour black (matt black)
– Ceracoat OD green (matt green)
– Ceracoat FDE (flat dark earth = matt earth brown)
– matt black burnished

Note: To avoid damage to the gun or brake, the thread must be applied by a qualified gunsmith!

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