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Shotmarker One

The Shotmarker One is an electronic target system for long range shooting.
The system consists of sensors that detect projectiles in the supersonic range and determine their exact position.
Up to 250 destinations can be connected or displayed simultaneously.
Shotmarker consists of the following components: Access Point, Sensor Hub, Cable Set, 4 Sensors, 2 Calibration Targets, Carrying Case and User Manual.
The connection is made by radio signal via WLAN.
All devices with WLAN module and a browser can be used: (cell phone, tablet, ….)
The sensors must be mounted on a frame and calibrated.
The access point is used to connect to end devices.
The range is about 2000m.
The necessary software is also provided on the access point and you can simply connect via the IP address.
The accuracy is 2-3 millimeters depending on the shot distance.
All parts can be purchased individually.

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