Sordin Supreme Basic Hearing Protection


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Sordin Supreme Basic

The SORDIN Supreme Basic is an entry-level electronic hearing protector.
It is equipped with standard electronics and offers a maximum of 1:1 noise reproduction (no amplification of soft sounds).

– Simple sound reproduction via the speakers in the capsules
– No amplification of ambient noise, max. Playback 1: 1
– Capsule color: green
– Headband: synthetic leather, black
– Tone control: 5 levels
– Automatic power off function: after 4 hrs.
– Operating time: approx. 200 hours
– Attenuation power: 25 dB (SNR)
– 2 years warranty
Other product features:
– Slim capsule design
– Easy to use buttons for all electronic functions
– Volume level-dependent noise cancellation function that allows you to hear ambient sounds such as warning signals, moving vehicles and other important information, but still protect you from dangerously loud sounds (e.g. the
shot bang) are protected.
– The volume of all sounds played back is limited to a maximum of 82 dB.
– If no button is operated, the hearing protection switches off automatically after 4 hrs. This saves battery life.
– Batteries included, 2x AAA 1.5V
The SORDIN quality promise:
– High wearing comfort
– Pleasantly large space for the ears inside the sealing rings
– Depending on the model, practical foldable head or neckband
– Capsule shaping suitable for right and left handed shooters
– Modern and attractive design
– Easy adjustments for a perfect fit
– Guaranteed damping performance

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