Strasser BONE Carbon Bipod

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Strasser BONE Carbon

Probably the most universal bipod available.
High-alloy aluminum is used, harmoniously matched and combined with high-quality high-strength carbon.
With no less than 7 different adapters, we offer almost all shooters the possibility of coupling the BONE bipod to a variety of weapons.

Weight: 270 gram
Leg length: 7.5″ – 10.5″ (19 – 27 cm)/10.5″-13.5″ (26.5-34.5cm)
Material: high alloy aluminum and high quality high strength carbon
Non-slip rubber feet
Hardened steel tips
0 – 45 – 90 degrees detent positions
90 degree detent is spring loaded and allows traversing (from right to left approx. 20 degrees)!


10.5"-13.5", 7.5"-10.5"

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