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Benutzen sie Latex oder Nitrilhandschuhe
um ihre Hände zu schützen, da das Öl Wax
enthält das schwer zu entfernen ist.


You will get the best result if you remove the

action and barrel from the rifle stock.


Make sure your stock is dry and clean.

If the stock is wet, the moist will be locked

inside the stock under the protective layer of

oil, this can damage the laminate causing it

to de-laminate.


Shake the bottle of oil for two minutes, there

is wax in the oil and this has to be mixed well

to obtain the best results.


Apply a thin, even layer of oil, let it sit for two

minutes, apply more if areas suck up all of the

oil leaving it seem dry.


Wipe off excess oil and make sure to remove

any drops, they will harden in the curing process.


Burn the cloths. If left in a rolled up ball they

can selfignite!!


Let the stock dry in room temperature for 12

hours@  20*C before applying the second layer.


To obtain the best result use sandpaper between

layers, we recommend using 220-320 grained

soft paper.


Two layers of oil are usually enough.



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